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Who doesn’t love Autumn? Jacket weather, the crisp comfortable air, the fruits of the harvest, the change of color… Nature pretty much sets the change of season with its own decorations and atmosphere. With Halloween kicking off the string of latter-month holidays, homes and families start preparing their own ghoulish adornments. Let’s avoid the nightmare of leftover, unwanted junk and kick off the fiendish holiday with a few tips for a clutter-free Halloween.

Avoiding Junk During Halloween

1. Decorate with plants, pumpkins, and seasonal gourds

Classic, custom, and compostable, plus you can use some of the seeds to make a delicious, festive treat. Corn is another edible decoration that you can later take down and make popcorn with. You can also make a temporary wreath with leaves, vines, acorns or pinecones that is later compostable – no storage required.

2. Use streaming, internet, or the library for your movies, music, and books

Going digital is a great way to reduce the amount of occupied space needed to host all your films, folklore, cult classics, and music. The library is another alternative that will save you both money and clutter.

3. Re-use existing clothes for costumes

Some of the best costumes can be put together using your family’s own wardrobe. Whether the clothing item works as-is or if you have an old jacket or pair of pants you don’t use anymore, get creative with that 80’s blouse and revive a throwback style or celebrity. Depending on the state of the item, you can donate it to a Goodwill or other secondhand store afterward.

Speaking of… Goodwill has a whole series of short videos with DIY projects, ideas, and tips for a clutter-free Halloween that’ll help jog your creativity. Check it out:

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