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Robots are taking over the planet! Be on the lookout for unblinking, bionic eyes and crushing metal arms! Well, while die-hard Terminator fans may know that August 29th marks the 21st anniversary of Judgement Day, we’re pretty sure the original purpose of these robots won’t be deviated into destroying mankind as we know it any time soon.

In fact, their purpose is to improve the state of waste and recycling forever!

Robotics: The Future Of Sorting Waste and Recycling

Not at all sinister, these robots are here for the purpose of lower operating costs, reduction in manual labor, increased recycling efficiency, and a more sustainable future. A vast improvement on what Skynet had in mind, I’d say!


The ZenRobotics Headquarters in Helsinki is quite futuristic looking. I mean, if you look at the inside, it’s like you stepped into 2001: A Space Oddysey (2nd movie reference, I know… It’s sci fi – Dig it)! And, considering their goals, it’s prime indication of where their vision is focused.

While it might unnerve some to go to a company’s website to find a menu section, “Solution > Robots,” it seems ZenRobotics is only up to doing good. Their ZenRobotics HP (Heavy Picker) is regarded as the strongest waste sorting robot on the market, known to sort through 1,400 items an hour, efficiently and intelligently separating reusable stone, wood, and metal from other rubbish, including items over 60 pounds.

The HP was announced in Spring of 2018 to play the central role at a new, fully automated sorting center in Geneva set to fully operational in early 2019.


“SamurAI, the Self-Aware Robot – The Evolution in…” Ok, ok, we know that sounds terrifying. To be fair, we’re paraphrasing. It’s SamurAI the Self-Aware SORTING Robot. And its tagline is “The Evolution In Sorting.”

SamurAI’s artificial intelligence technology is supposedly there to “identify materials for an accurate, positive product recovery.” It also reportedly evolves to optimize and better recognize the materials it is programmed to sort.

This state-of-the-art waste and recycling robot is marketed to employ a range of applications but obviously, recycling is its main purpose… Right? …RIGHT? Clocking in at 70 sorted items per minute, it’s about twice as fast as the obsolete human. Look at it go!


“Our mission is the use of AI technology to disrupt…” (wait for it) “the waste and recycling industry, so next generations can inherit a cleaner and more sustainable environment.” *Sigh…

Sadako‘s AI infused computer vision system joined forces with BHS – Bulk Handling Systems to develop the Autonomous QC (Autonomous Quality Control). The AI technology acts as the eyes and brain to sort very complex objects in the waste and recycling stream and can be taught new items to look after. According to Sadako, if the human eye can recognize an item, so can the Autonomous QC.

Sustainable Waste Management

All kidding aside, we think this is pretty great! It’s exciting to see the latest technologies being applied to the sectors of waste and recycling. As we all know, Chuck It Junk removal is a big fan of diverting literal tons of reusable materials from landfills.

We go the extra mile ourselves to sort the salvagable from the rubbish, reducing what goes into landfills, reusing what is possible, and recycling as much of the junk as possible that we haul away.

If you’re looking for an ecologically-minded junk removal service, contact Chuck It!