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Curbside Recycling

Recycle Ann Arbor offers simple and easy curbside recycling on a weekly basis for Ann Arbor residents. The idea is to get residents to recycle as many materials as possible by making the process convenient. Recyclable materials include glass, paper, scrap metal, and plastic tubs and bins. Visit the Recycle Ann Arbor website for more information to see if you qualify for curbside pickup.

Reuse Center

The Reuse Center, in the Bryant Pattengill area, allows Ann Arbor residents to donate old household and building materials. All donations are tax deductible! These materials are then made available to the public at affordable prices. Help conserve resources and energy, while reducing waste in your community.

Drop-Off Station

Recycle Ann Arbor also provides a drop-off station, Washtenaw County’s most comprehensive recycling center. Located near Pittsfield, the station is open to the public and accepts regular recyclable materials as well as more difficult items such as computers, televisions and tires. Click here for a complete list of recyclable items and prices. If your load of recyclable materials is too big or you don’t have the time to drop them off yourself, you can always contact Chuck It Junk Removal for all of your recyclable and non-recyclable junk removal and trash hauling needs.

Written by Brad Abbott