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Ever wonder why the homes, sidewalks and streets of Canton, MI are so clean? It’s because Canton residents care about their neighborhood. In 2006, the Environmental Stewardship Committee was established. The purpose of this committee is to educate the citizens of Canton, MI about protecting the environment and promote responsible trash hauling.

Environmentally Friendly Junk Removal

The ESC provides a number of programs including habitat preservation, recycling, and education on reducing waste. These programs have been effective in maintaining a clean and responsible community. However, sometimes people need junk removal services right away or for large loads.

In these situations the people of Canton, MI know they can trust Chuck It Junk Removal. Chuck It is a local, professional, full-service junk removal company. We care about keeping the homes and streets of Canton clean. We provide prompt service, often the same day or next day. Chuck It Junk Removal is environmentally friendly, just like our Michigan neighbors. We recycle or reuse as many of the items collected as possible. All other materials are disposed of properly.

Contact Chuck It today and let’s help keep Canton clean together!

Written by Brad Abbott