Quality and Affordable Junk Removal Services


Independently Owned & Operated

Businesses that really care about their communities are the heart and soul of the American economy and a creator of quality in our lives.

Brad Abbott, owner of Chuck It Junk Removal, is one who really cares about people, their communities, and the State of Michigan.

Four Ways We’re a Business That Cares

  • No hidden fees or expenses
  • Up-front estimates
  • A complete job, well done
  • We recycle and reuse

People Who Care

People who care pick up trash on the ground even if it is not theirs. They keep their street and area clean of debris. They maintain their home or rental because they care, because maintaining their surroundings keeps the structure of survival that we depend on intact for another generation.

People who don’t care find that the neighborhood begins to erode, and little neglects start to add up.

If you have a pile of junk that you have been meaning to get rid of but have not found the time, give us a call and it will be gone and disposed of properly. Call us today at (248) 444-4713 and talk to our owner Brad. He cares.