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We store a plethora of hazardous chemicals and products in our house, whether it be drain cleaner, antifreeze, and even batteries. What happens when you need to dispose of these kinds of products, though? You’ve most likely been told that you can’t just throw them out or dump them down your drain (and if you haven’t, you’ve been informed now!). You need to know how to properly dispose of harmful and toxic products that could harm the environment, your home, and even your family.

What Kind of Products are Considered Hazardous?

The first step in disposing of hazardous waste properly knows what waste is hazardous.

Car Products:

Any kind of oil or gasoline, antifreeze and even waxes and cleaners need to be specially disposed of.

Solid Home Products:

This includes fluorescent light bulbs (although most light bulbs can be recycled), batteries and old electronics.

Liquid Home Products:

Cleaners (surface cleaners, drain cleaner, etc.) paints, plant and insect killers.

Heavy Metal:

Think old mercury thermometers but if you’re not sure if an item contains a toxic or heavy metal you can always check online.

As with anything, if you’re not sure if it needs to be recycled or properly disposed you can always check online to learn about the product.

How Do You Dispose of Hazardous Materials?

There are actually a couple of ways to dispose of hazardous products properly and most require only a little bit of extra work. Some cities and waste management companies will actually come to your house to collect hazardous products, just make sure to keep them separate from your other trash and don’t mix chemicals. Most communities will also have hazardous waste drop offs where you can drive to a predetermined location (look on your city’s website) and hand over your hazardous garbage.

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