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Has your deck seen better days? Are you ready to start over and give your backyard a facelift? Sounds great, but what are you going to do with all of that wood? It’s definitely too warm for a backyard bonfire so you better have a different plan!

Do You Want A Yard Full Of Junk?

Most of us have neighbors and they are often in close proximity on either side. The result is that few (if any) dumpsters can fit into the backyard. Therefore, contractors have nowhere to go with the wood they remove from a deck teardown except to pile it up in your backyard. If you do the job yourself you are left in the same conundrum. Luckily, Chuck It Junk Removal can take this process from an entire weekend of headaches and backache to a quick phone call.

Top 3 Reasons To Call Chuck It Junk Removal Today

Whether you plan to redo your deck with new composite decking or perhaps make way for a new patio you are going to have to get rid of all of the wood and scraps from your old deck.

Here are three reasons to let Chuck It Junk Removal handle the haul-away for you:

If you’re ready to go out with the old and in with a new deck or outdoor

  1. Save your back. Decking materials are heavy and cumbersome to carry. Doing the work of tearing out the old deck is enough labor on its own. Leave the dirty work of getting rid of the junk to us. Save yourself from a backache on this one.
  2. Save your weekend. The task of carrying all of the scraps of wood from your old deck to a truck and then to a dump site can take hours if not days. Keep your weekend for yourself and let us take care of hauling and dumping your old deck.
  3. Save some money. Again, going back and forth from a dump site to your home with multiple loads of wood scraps can be expensive. The cost of fuel and the dumping costs alone can add up quick. We will give you one upfront price to do the job that is all-inclusive of our fuel and dumping costs.

space in your backyard then call Chuck It Junk Removal today. We will make the process of eliminating your old deck quick and painless and save you time, energy, and money in the process.

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