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Turnover in apartments is a given. People move on, and often rapidly. Perhaps they owed money, got a new job out of town, or had social issues contributing to a move. Landlords and future tenants are often left with a huge mess. From old furniture and mattresses to spoiled food to dirty rugs and just plain garbage, you never know what you will find in an abandoned apartment.

Landlords can take on the task of cleaning out each apartment on their own, which involves time, money, and hassle. Imagine having a multi-unit building or multiple buildings with turnover happening monthly or even weekly. This could quickly become a full-time job on its own. They could be exposed to filth and grime that no one would ever want to touch. Then there is the question of what to do with all of the junk they eliminate. There is an easier way!

Let Us Do The Dirty Work For You

Chuck It Junk Removal can save landlords and future apartment tenants a considerable amount of work and time by doing the dirty work for you. After we provide you with a handwritten quote for the job you want to be done, we do everything else. We will come into the apartment, completely clean out all of the junk, furniture, mattresses, appliances, or anything else left behind that you do not want and leave you with a clutter-free, empty apartment that you can then prepare for the next tenant. We decide what to donate, recycle, or dispose of in a landfill for you. Time is money and we understand your time is valuable. At a very competitive price, we can eliminate all of the aggravation for you, saving you precious time and, in the end, a lot of money.

Say Goodbye To Tenants And Their Trash

If you are in the business of renting apartments or any form of housing, Chuck It Junk Removal should be your go-to service for eliminating the trash left behind after a tenant leaves. There are over 109,000,000 renters in the US alone and 22,000,000 landlords. That’s a lot of turnovers, a lot of trash, and a lot of landlords we can help. While you may be happy to see some tenants go, you do not want to see the mess they left behind. Thanks to Chuck It Junk Removal you do not have to. Give us a call today for an estimate at 1-888-9-CHUCKIT.