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One of the biggest global concerns today remains the continuous deterioration in the state of our environment. Climate change, pollution, and overflowing landfills remain consistent worries for every country around the world. Protecting our forests is one of the most important steps we can take to support a healthy environment.

One Tree At A Time

In a major effort to support the forests of the world, The United Nations Climate Change Conference was able to put together a virtual forest on the Eiffel Tower. This event has led to over 53000 trees to date being planted all over the world! This project was made possible with the help of men and women from many different countries around the world standing together with 1 Heart 1 Tree to raise the awareness. This was an awesome opportunity to truly make an impact on the environment by planting a tree of light in 3D on the Eiffel Tower.

For every digital tree that was planted on the Eiffel Tower, a real tree was planted somewhere in the world through reforestation programs. 1 Heart 1 Tree aims to plant millions of trees over time, both digital and actual! This program truly is making an impact in our world, one tree at a time.

How It Worked

Each participant receives a picture of their virtual tree with their name on it projected onto the Eiffel Tower, a certificate, a Google Earth file, and reports about the project every six months during three years! This allows participants to stay in touch with their tree and with 1 Heart 1 Tree’s mission. Participants can choose any of the eight plantation programs across the world in which to have their tree planted.

Chuck It Is On Board With 1 Heart 1 Tree

Being an eco-friendly company, Chuck It Junk Removal works each and every day to better our environment through responsible disposal of junk, recycling all that we can, and donating unwanted junk to be repurposed by others. We believe that we all can play a part in improving our environment and making it a better place for those to come after us. We were thrilled to be a part of the 1 Heart 1 Tree movement and help make a difference, one tree at a time. Our tree was planted in Brazil by the Ashaninka Tribe! How cool is that?

Let’s Make A Difference

Chuck It Junk Removal is honored to be part of the 1 Heart 1 Tree program and looks forward to contributing to environmental protection and preservation for years to come. If we can help you with junk removal, please give Chuck It Junk Removal a call today for a free estimate. Let’s make a difference in the planet together! 1-888-924-8254