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Do you ever feel like you take the garbage out constantly? Chances are you do. Americans alone produce millions of tons of trash every year. Despite efforts to increase recycling, less than half of our trash actually gets recycled. In fact, some studies show that rate could be as low as 35%. There are a number of environmental changes that are occurring despite our best efforts to recycle. However, there are new trends in recycling emerging that could potentially be game changers.

Reporting Waste, Gone Digital

First, just as the healthcare system has largely moved towards being completely digitalized, thanks to recent legislation the process of reporting hazardous wastes to the EPA has become digital as well. This not only simplifies the process of reporting such wastes, but it also significantly eliminates paper waste by eliminating the paper trail.

Composting Is On The Up

While many have long thought of composting as reserved for those very “green” individuals, as of late it has become a more popular practice among homes and businesses. Composting is an excellent way to eliminate vegetable and food trash from landfills and reuse those items in a responsible way by returning those nutrients to the soil. Estimates show that 30% of waste is made up of yard and food waste. Just think if every home in the US would adapt to this practice. The impact it could have on the amount of waste entering our waterways and landfills could be tremendous!

Teaming Up Against Waste

Another surprising statistic is that 38% of waste on the roadways is from tobacco and cigarette waste. How many times have you witnessed it yourself or possibly even done it yourself? It seems no one thinks twice before tossing a used cigarette out of the window, but those same individuals may think twice before tossing out a soda can or bag of old fast food. One impressive company, TerraCycle, offers an array of “Brigades” to provide an avenue for recycling products once thought of to be non-recyclable. One of these Brigades is for cigarette waste and provides a way for individuals and businesses to gather used tobacco products, send back to the company with a free shipping label, and then the product is recycled either as some innovative industrial product or used as compost. Ingenious!

Responsible Waste Management

Lastly, utilizing a trash removal service such as Chuck It Junk Removal is another game-changing trend that allows the home or business owner the flexibility and ability to have junk and unwanted trash removed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. How much cleaner would our neighborhoods be if everyone used such a service to clean up a yard, a garage, a home, etc.? And how much better off would the planet be if such garbage was disposed of responsibly and recycled whenever possible. Chuck It Junk Removal is committed to making the world a better place. With all of these other game-changing trends in motion, together we can make it happen, one piece of junk at a time.