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Everyone has a piece of furniture sitting around the house that they are specifically attached to. Your husband’s recliner, creaky beds, dining room tables — we tend to tie in holidays, memories or sentimental attachment to them.

However, often there comes a day when it’s time to let go of this old, unwanted furniture to replace it with new furniture that will hold just as many memories with the years to follow. Get rid of your old chairs, sofas, beds, couches and more!

Don’t keep your unwanted furniture just because the garbage man won’t take them away!

We’ll Remove All Your Old Furniture

The simple solution isn’t to break up your old furniture in order for the garbage man to take them away, but to call Chuck It Junk Removal to come pick up the large pieces and get rid of them for you.

Chuck It makes junk pickup simple:

1. Call Chuck It Junk Removal to schedule your junk removal

2. Point us to your unwanted items

3. We take care of the rest. Period.

Responsible Junk Pick Up

Depending on the shape the old furniture is in, Chuck It may donate it to a charity or to be refurbished into something new so that someone else can make new memories from it.
We take every effort to reduce waste. No matter what we pick up, we sort through the junk to separate the trash from the salvageable. If the discarded can be upcycled, recycled, donated or used again, we take the extra effort in finding it a new future.

Got unwanted junk? Give Chuck It Junk Removal a call!