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Today we’re stepping up on our soapbox for a minute. We feel strongly about the importance of not trashing one’s own neighborhood – or any neighborhood.

When we litter:

  • We create dangers to children playing outdoors or riding bikes over broken glass and garbage bags full of fast food.
  • We scare away visitors from other neighborhoods who might otherwise spend money at local eateries, shops, and small businesses from daycare centers to barbershops to computer repair companies – small businesses run by local Michiganders.
  • We set an example for children that it is acceptable to toss trash on the ground.

A vicious cycle starts with how we feel about our neighborhood and ourselves. If we feel like trash because our neighborhood is trashed, then the neighborhood will be full of garbage. Kids will see this and trash the neighborhood more.

But if we take the view that our neighborhood is the valued place where we live and beautiful in its own right, instead of trashing our little slice of Earth, we will maintain it. When kids dump litter in the neighborhood, we will pick it up. They will see this and start to pick it up too. When we change how we feel about our neighborhoods, we change the way we treat it. When we take pride in our neighborhoods, we tend to our yards, our rentals, our cars, and keep them in top condition. Join Chuck It Junk Removal in taking pride in Central Michigan and all its great neighborhoods.