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Plant a virtual forest on the Eiffel Tower and help reforest the planet!

The Eiffel Tower was the color of the French flag, now it’s green to honor the United Nations Climate Change Conference; our own President Obama is in attendance.

The 1 Heart 1 Tree App has sprouted up in conjunction with the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris and provides an opportunity to make a real positive impact on the health of the planet through the virtual World. The 1 Heart 1 Tree Project created an app you download that takes your pulse and in turn you can watch your virtual tree grow at the rate of your pulse! Your virtual tree and message will be projected onto the Eiffel Tower in Paris. For every virtual tree you grow you can have a real tree to be planted for a small fee considering what you get in return. You receive an image of your tree on the Eiffel Tower, a Google Earth image of your tree’s location and updates on the progress of the planting of your tree. You can help make the air of the Earth cleaner right where you are right now!

Watch a live stream of the Eiffel Tower right now

For every digital tree that is planted on the Eiffel Tower, a real tree will be planted all over the world through the reforestation programs. One of the world’s biggest challenges to this day is CO2 levels in our atmosphere. Protecting the forests of the world is essential to supporting healthy environments by turning the CO2 into Oxygen. 1 Heart 1 Tree aims to plant millions of trees, both digital and real! Help them make this possible, help change the world!

1 Heart 1 Tree on www.1heart1tree.org support us! from Naziha Mestaoui on Vimeo.

The way it works: Each participant receives a picture of their virtual tree, a picture of their tree with their name on it projected onto the Eiffel Tower, a certificate, a google earth file, and a report about the project every 6 months during 3 years! This way, you can stay in touch with your tree and with 1 Hearts 1 Tree’s project. You can choose any of the 8 plantation programs across the world to have your tree planted at. The Chuck It Junk Removal tree will be planted in Brazil by the Ashaninka Tribe! How cool is that?

You have to try this!

The tree digitally grows up The Eiffel Tower at the rate of your heartbeat. You can record the rate of your heartbeat with the camera on your phone and they’ll use an algorithm to analyze the chromatic micro-changes due to the blood circulation on your finger.

Wondering what your tree would look like? Download the App and get started!

More than 50,000 trees have already been planted through this project! Help make the environment a better place by planting more. It’s FUN!

Chuck It Junk Removal works to sustain a healthy environment everyday.

Chuck It Junk Removal works everyday to reuse and recycle items that still have life in them. This greatly reduces the need to produce more new products. By reusing and increasing the lifespan of what we have means that we use less on a whole. Michigan is a beautiful state, we work everyday to keep it that way for years to come.