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Chuck It Junk Removal wants Michigan to be clean and beautiful. We want you to find the junk removal solution that works for you. We offer full service junk removal that allows you to point and Be Done with it, worry and work free.

For some people doing the DIY thing or trying to be cost effective is the solution. The Bagster is an idea they think will answer their problems. But, please read these tips before you go with the Bagster:

1. Are you in the Bagster Service Area? You may be able to purchase the bagster at your local hardware store but that does not mean you are in the Bagster pickup service area. Be sure to check that you are before you make the purchase, otherwise you may have to dispose of the bag yourself.

2. Bagsters have to be picked up by the street. If you intend to fill the bag up by your house, your house should be next to the street. Otherwise, you will end up with a full bag that the company will not come and remove from your property. You will have to move the bag to the street on your own so that it can be picked up.

3. Be sure to only put in the Bagster what can go in the Bagster. If you put items that they don’t take, then your Bagster will sit on your property until you fix the problem.

Full service junk removal allows you to point to the problem and the problem is removed, the area cleaned up, and the junk gone for good.

Remember: Think, before you Bagster.

Written by Brad Abbott