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Located in south central Kent County, Gaines Charter Township is where rural living meets urban amenities. Along with quality schools, world class institutions, and beautiful farmlands, Gaines Charter Township boasts fantastic entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and recreational opportunities; a combination of qualities that indicate a community dedicated to its residents and businesses with top notch service, transparency, and accountability. Chuck It Junk Removal is proud to provide our conscientious junk removal services in Gaines Charter Township.

Sustainable Junk Hauling in Gaines Charter Township

Chuck It cares about the community and puts every effort into sustainable practices, separating the reusable and recyclable from the junk to be properly donated or processed. In addition to full-service junk removal, we also offer portable dumpster rental for those who’d like to pitch their own junk. We’ll drop off the dumpster in a convenient location for you to use at your home, business, or wherever you may need it! Simply call and Chuck It hauls it all.
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