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How do you get around Ann Arbor in the warm months? A new, 2-mile paved trail in Ann Arbor offers a sustainable, non-motorized way of getting around University of Michigan’s campus area and the Matthaei Botanical Gardens.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens Trail

Having opened in October, The Matthaei Botanical Gardens Trail connects the gardens to a network of existing trail systems and public transportation throughout the area, linking the gardens to Washtenaw County’s Parker Mill Park, then to the regional Border-to-Border Trail, the local Gallup Park pathway and more.

A Sustainable Commute In Ann Arbor

This route offers a safe parallel to the busy Dixboro Road, the shoulder of which has been inadequate for biking or walking. This connection in transportation aligns with botanical gardens and arboretum’s stated goals which include safety, health and a lighter carbon footprint.

The completion of the trail marks a multi-year collaboration between U-M and Ann Arbor Township as well as government entities, businesses and individuals and is an amazing example of what can be accomplished when township, the university, county government, state government, local corporate entities and citizens work together for a common goal.

A Sustainable Ann Arbor Junk Removal Company

Chuck It Junk Removal is environmentally conscious and dedicated to sustainability. We reduce what goes into landfills, reuse what is salvageable, donate what we can, and recycle as much of the junk as possible that we haul away.