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Energy Throughout American History

Energy sources in the United States have changed quite drastically over the past few hundred years. In the 1700s the primary energy source among homes was wood. The 1800s saw a strong surge in the use of coal as the primary energy source among homes and, in the later part of the century, industrialization increased its demand even further. Finally, by the mid-1900s oil and gas surpassed coal in importance with energy production. Also during this century, nuclear power was tapped into as a source of energy, although accidents like Three Mile Island have drastically affected its overall plausibility as a meaningful energy source. Despite all of these advances made in energy production throughout the ages, perhaps the most exciting time of all is the present with new green energy sources exploding on the market offering consumers more options than ever before.

Turning Garbage Into Usable Fuel

The citizens of Michigan are not exempt from this green energy explosion. While many may not even be aware of the novel and innovative options available to them, many of your friends and neighbors may already be taking advantage of the countless benefits that green energy sources have to offer. The first green energy initiative that has taken off considerably in recent times is waste-to-energy, which simply involves converting garbage dump waste into usable energy via a high-temperature incineration process. As of 2010, Michigan was one of 27 states to define waste-to-energy as renewable under state law. Michigan recognizes the incredible double benefits of waste-to-energy in that waste reserves and greenhouse gas emissions are decreased while clean energy is produced. It is a win-win situation that in many circles is considered the 4th “R”: reduce, reuse, recycle, and energy recovery.

Manure Can Fuel A Farm And Beyond

Another energy source that is being tapped into in Michigan and elsewhere in the country is using manure and other animal byproducts as fuel sources. Although the pioneers of centuries past used manure to keep warm long ago and many developing countries still use manure as fuel and fertilizer, the practice has perhaps been lost until recently in the United States. Farms installing manure-to-energy generators can enjoy tremendous benefits including supplying its own energy, providing a solution to the manure disposal problem, and even providing jobs. Furthermore, there are substantial environmental benefits from converting manure to power. Traditional manure disposal often involves sloughing the byproduct off into waterways, which in turns produces methane gas. The methane gas is a contributing factor to global warming far more so than carbon dioxide. By eliminating that waste product getting into the waterways, manure-to-energy is helping to decrease global warming as well. There are several dairies in Michigan already utilizing this energy source including Scenic View Dairy in Freeport, Michigan.

Let The Wind Blow

Wind-generated power is perhaps one of the more well-known energy sources, though still drastically under-utilized. As of May of 2015, Michigan used wind turbines to produce a little over 2% of the state’s power. However, states such as Iowa and South Dakota harvest more than 25% of their energy from wind. Wind has limitless benefits including its abundance and renewability and the fact that it is very clean and produces no greenhouse gases and consumes no water. Though the initial capital investment in wind-generated power is quite high, the costs to harvest the energy from this source are much less than fossil fuels. Simply put, wind energy technology leaves remarkable room for growth and development and the capability to produce extensively more renewable, clean energy to the citizens of Michigan and the rest of the United States.

You Have Choices For Energy

As a resident of the state of Michigan, you have options in what energy you choose to employ in your home. Green Currents is a voluntary renewable energy program in Michigan that allows you to tap into some of the renewable energy sources discussed above. This groundbreaking program allows you to choose from affordable, efficient plans that best suit your home’s budget and desire to benefit the environment. Details can be found on the DTE energy website.

Chuck It Junk Removal is committed to doing its part to improve the Michigan communities it serves as well as the environment as a whole. By eliminating junk and garbage from your home responsibly, Chuck It Junk Removal is helping to contribute to the waste-to-energy movement and thus providing more renewable, clean energy to Michigan and beyond. Working together we can make the world a better place, one community at a time.