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Chuck It Junk Removal is not afraid of anything! When we say you point, we make it disappear. We Mean It!

Michigan knows that the best way to remove a hot tub in Michigan, whether inside or outside, is to call Chuck It Junk Removal. But few Ann Arbor residents know that if you want to remove a pool table that you can call Chuck It Junk Removal. Our professional junk removal team can remove that old pool table from your house or business.

Pool Table Removal, Not a Pool Table Moving Company.

Sorry Michigan, this is a one-way pool table removal service. Chuck It Junk Removal can remove billiard tables but we are not a pool table moving service. We will not take it somewhere and reassemble the pool table. Our Pool table removal service is for people who do not want to see that pool table ever again.

Pool Table Removal as Easy as Junk Removal.

The owner of the company will give you an estimate over the phone. When the team shows up simply point to what you want to disappear. Chuck It Junk Removal will give you a precise quote at that time, you sign off on it and the professional junk removal team springs into action removing not only your junk, but removing your stress.

So when you are ready to reclaim the old pool table room call Chuck It Junk Removal.