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Everyone knows about Spring Cleaning. But do you know about Winter Preparing? Don’t feel bad, most people don’t. Most people wait until March or April before they start to think about clearing their homes of junk and clutter. Don’t be most people!

Organize Junk for Removal

The holidays have come and gone. And if you’re like most Ann Arbor homeowners, you’ve no doubt noticed that the amount of “stuff” in your home has nearly doubled. Why not use these Winter months to decide what needs to go and what can stay? Let’s face it, you’re probably not doing much anyway besides trying to stay warm.

Christmas brought new clothing for you and the kids, possibly new furniture and appliances. The old things need to go, but you’re not going to remove them in January. Designate a room, perhaps a spare bedroom or the garage, as a “junk” room. Put all items you no longer want or need in this room. These items do not have to be “junk,” but simply items you want to get rid of or donate. Examples include old clothes, toys, furniture, or appliances.

Call Chuck It to Remove the Junk

Once Spring hits you’ll have everything that needs to go marked for removal. Now all you’ll need to do is call Chuck It (1-888-9-CHUCK-IT) and point to the junk. Our full-service, professional team members will remove all of the unwanted items from your home and clean up the room afterwards. It will be like nothing was ever there.

Chuck It does not throw everything away! Whether you tell us ahead of time or if we find items on our own, we ALWAYS recycle or reuse as much of the junk that we remove. Our goal is to put as little into local Ann Arbor landfills as possible.

Written by Brad Abbott