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Are you like everyone else and extremely busy? Do you find it hard to get everything done in the day? Has your home hit rock bottom on your priority list? We can help!

Check Clutter Off Your List

We get it. Life is hectic. Jobs, kids, school, and relationships are time-consuming and leave little, if any, time for those tedious tasks like cleaning your house, getting the junk out of the garage, or removing the junk and clutter from the attic, we all tend to put off anyway.

Cleaning your own house often gets pushed back.

Cleaning the house is often the first task to get pushed off to another day, then one day we just wake up and realize we have accumulated so much junk that we cannot even use our homes the way they were intended to be used anymore. If this sounds like your life, Chuck It Junk Removal can help you to reclaim your home AND your sanity.

Chuck It – It’s Just So Easy

One simple phone call is all it takes to move towards a less cluttered, less chaotic home.
Our formula is simple:

  • Book it. Call 1-888-924-8254 to schedule a time that works for YOU. We can even give you an estimate over the phone based on your answers to a few easy questions.
  • Quote it. Our professional team will arrive ON TIME to your location. You simply tell us what you want to be removed and we will provide an upfront, written quote for the job you want to be done. With a thumbs up from you, we will get started immediately.
  • Chuck it. This is the good part. You can sit back and relax while our team handles all of the lifting and hauling of all of the unwanted things in your home. You can enjoy an ice cold drink, smile, and watch the junk as it is hauled away (along with some of your stress).
  • Pay it. We don’t get paid until the job is done. We will accept cash, check, or credit for your convenience. Simple as that.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have one major task off your plate and off your mind for good? Chuck It Junk Removal makes the undesirable task of decluttering your home simple and quick.

Why Choose Chuck It Junk Removal?

  1. Our process is easy. Call us, point to your junk, and check it off your list.
  2. We are environmentally conscious. We make every effort to recycle or donate your junk to minimize what goes to the landfill.
  3. We are respected. Winners of service awards and recognitions from Angie’s List and Home Advisor, we are trusted and acclaimed by those in the industry who appreciate exceptional service.
  4. We have the truck to fit any job or budget. You only pay for what you use and our minimum charge is just $99. Use as little or as much of our 15 cubic yard truck that you need. That’s a small price to pay for checking off a big to-do on your list!

Take Back Your Home

Give yourself the gift of a clutter-free home and less stress too. Chuck It Junk Removal makes getting rid of your unwanted junk as easy as “call, point, and relax.” YOU have the power to take back control of your home with Chuck It Junk Removal’s help. We look forward to working with you!

Let us help you reclaim your home. Call Chuck It Junk Removal to make an appointment at 1-888-924-8254