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Green superheroes of waste UNITE!

Ninja Turtles, Battle Toads, Chuck It Junk It… Yeah, we’re all tight, bro. Waste is bad, “ummkay”. But without waste we wouldn’t have some of the best comic book characters ever, IMHO. Take a look at these comic book characters who came alive from the waste of the world.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael. Named after four Renaissance artists and trained in the art of ninjitsu by their sensei mutant rat, Master Splinter, these four reptiles-turned-humanoid martial artists evolved out of nuclear waste that washed into the storm sewers of New York City. They battle petty criminals, evil overlords, alien invaders as well as evil mutated beasts born from the same toxic ooze. First appearing in comic book form, they later expanded into a cartoon series, films, video games toys and other merchandise. During the peak of franchise’s popularity in the late 1980s through the early 1990s, the franchise gained considerable worldwide success and fame.


The Battletoads: Rash, Zitz, and Pimple were originally ordinary teenage roommates Dave, George and Morgan who worked as computer technicians for game programmer, Silas Volkmire. The group was testing his latest invention – a sort of virtual reality gaming system which allows players to fully enter the Gamescape through a unique, computer-generated portal. Once inside, they would transform into anthropomorphic toads to battle programmed rivals such as Psyko Pigs, an army of rats and their Dark Queen, all created by Silas. The trio becomes physically mutated and trapped in the gaming system by Volkmire and the Dark Queen to find out the Dark Queen is very real and the gaming system merely serves as a portal between Earth and the Dark Queen’s world and minions, who wish to be rid of the Battletoads and break through the portal to dominate Earth forever.

The Battletoads generated 4 video games and an arcade. Their story was also adapted for an animated pilot with the back story of Battletoads also being published in a Nintendo Power comic.

Toxic Avenger

Once a weakling janitor, Melvin Ferd III was always getting bullied by a particular group of customers at the Tromaville Health Club in New Jersey. As the days go on, the harassment intensifies to a climax of poor Melvin being chased around the club and out of a second-floor window from which he falls into a drum of toxic waste. Despite his best efforts to wash it off, it transforms and disfigures him, though resulting in developing superhuman size and strength along with a keen instinct for tracking down evildoers! Toxic vanquishes thugs, drug dealing gangs, pimps and goons, corrupt politicians and eventually leads a gang of mutated superheroes to destroying a group of polluting aliens. All this while making time to help the elderly across the street! The Toxic Avenger has spawned 4 feature films, a series of comic books, an animated spin-off, and even a musical!

Chuck It Junk It

Junk removal can be dirty, physically demanding, and time-consuming. Our goal is to relieve

our customers of stress by doing all the lifting, loading and hauling away of items no matter where they are – attics, basements, or backyards. We are environmentally conscious and guarantee that items picked up are donated for reuse, recycled, or disposed of in a proper landfill. Our services range from single item pickups to complete home or office clean-outs. We haul away old appliances, furniture, exercise equipment, construction debris, hot tubs, and much more. Our professional, uniformed crews will arrive on time to get rid of your junk as well as any anxiety and tension that comes with it!