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Brigades come in many forms and represent a variety of causes. At Chuck It Junk Removal, we are constantly working to improve our environment, one piece of junk at a time. That is why over the next few months we will highlight an innovative company dedicated to recycling and helping to leave our Earth a better place for generations to come, one brigade at a time.

We Introduce: TerraCycle

Recycling is great, however:

Many things that could be recycled are not. TerraCycle is helping to change that.

They take recycling to new heights never thought of before. By making the recycling process convenient and easy, TerraCycle has become a huge game changer.

How Does It Work?

  • By finding innovative ways for recycling even the hardest-to-recycle items, this company has quickly become a global leader in the industry.
  • TerraCycle challenges its users to join brigades to recycle specific products such as baby food pouches, energy bar wrappers, cigarettes, and even Solo cups.
  • Most of these programs are free to join and are funded by specific brands and retailers around the world.

TerraCycle has made the recycling process extremely simple:

  1. Sign up online to become a member.
  2. Choose the “brigades” you would like to be a part of.
  3. Download free shipping labels to send your products.
  4. TerraCycle will take care of recycling your products from there.

Added bonus: You can even earn rewards for your favorite non-profit agency or school just for participating. What a great way to give back AND help the planet!

Aim For Zero Waste

Have you heard of zero waste? If not, this is a groundbreaking phenomenon spreading across the country striving to produce, drumroll…..zero waste! This means things that you never thought could be recycled are recycled by being collected in a zero waste container and avoid the landfill. TerraCycle has hopped onto this craze as well.
This process is also just as simple as the brigades:

  1. Purchase a zero waste box
  2. Fill it with everything you want to recycle but thought you couldn’t.
  3. Return shipping label is provided on the box.
  4. Send it back once it is full.
  5. Let them take care of the rest!

Bring On The Brigades

Are you ready to make a difference in the way you leave the environment for future generations? Then join a TerraCycle brigade today! Start small with just one product and see just how simple the process really is. Who knows? Before long you might be a member of dozens of brigades fighting pollution and waste. Be on the lookout in for more articles detailing specific brigades available to join!

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