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  • Bychuck it
  • October 24, 2012

Ann Arbor Bus Rides Increase 7 Percent

Ann Arbor Bus Rides Increase 7 Percent

Bus Rides in Ann Arbor Reach Record High

Ann Arbor Green Transportation

The Ann Arbor Transit Authority recorded 6.3 million rides during the 2011-2012 fiscal year. This is 200,000 more than the previous record set three years ago. A number of factors led to the increase in rides, including gas prices and improvements in service. Efficient public transportation is important for the economic growth of Ann Arbor and all big cities. Bus systems provide a much needed service for those who can not afford their own means. Also, they are a cost saving alternative for all citizens during tough economic times. Most importantly, more people riding the bus means fewer cars on the road. This, according to the Department of Environmental Quality, leads to less air pollution which benefits everyone!

Chuck It Junk Removal supports environmentally friendly businesses and social practices. We are a junk removal company centered around reusing or recycling as much junk and trash as possible that we remove from public and private properties.

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