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  • Green Business
  • Bychuck it
  • November 10, 2012

Junk Removal Bloomfield Hills: Protecting the Environment

Junk Removal Bloomfield Hills: Protecting the Environment

Junk Removal Bloomfield Hills MI

The city of Bloomfield Hills is a unique blend of residential areas and gorgeous scenic landscapes. The Rouge River Watershed offers a world of indigenous plant and animal life in itself. The beautiful environment of Bloomfield Hills is protected by a number of services offered by the city, such as trash removal and household hazardous waste disposal.

Bloomfield Hills Junk Removal

City officials promote environmental education. Residents are informed on proper methods of composting, developing a rain garden, recycling grass clippings, and water conservation tips.

Chuck It Junk Removal is Environmentally Conscious

Chuck It Junk Removal works hard to keep Bloomfield Hills and the greater Ann Arbor area beautiful and clean. We are a local green company that strives to keep Michigan safe and healthy. When we remove junk and trash from residences and businesses, we reuse, recycle or donate as much as we can. This keeps local landfills from being overloaded.

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