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Community Gardening in Chelsea

Community gardens, or community-supported agriculture, are groups of people, both growers, and buyers, committed to their health and the health of the land. The harvest is shared by members of the community who contribute to the farms, through labor or financial compensation. Community-supported agriculture is on the rise, especially in states like Michigan and Ohio. The Community Farm of Ann Arbor, located in Chelsea, demonstrates the advantages of socially and environmentally responsible agriculture.

Brighton Cooperative Buying

The Brighton Food Coop provides access to whole foods, organic meats, and produce. The BFC purchases organic foods from local suppliers, such as United Natural Foods, and distributes them to participating members.

Dairy and Poultry in Howell

Dairy Delight Cow Boarding is a cow share farm where cow owners can get fresh milk, free-range pastured eggs, and grass-fed beef. The cows are fed certified organic grain and are on pastures from early spring to late fall.

As cities transform from industry to agriculture, opportunities for renewal are all around. An easy way to transform a neighborhood is to remove the trash from an empty lot and make room for a community garden. For more information on community-supported agriculture in and around your Ann Arbor neighborhood, visit the Organic Consumers Association.

Written by Brad Abbott