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Livonia Trash Hauling Tips

Residents of Livonia, MI take great pride in keeping their neighborhood clean. Garbage removal and recycling services make it easy for citizens to do their part. Curbside drop off and pickup includes most of the smaller items that families typically go through in their day to day activities. However, sometimes items are too big or do not qualify for standard pickup. What should Livonia, MI residents do then?
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Trash Hauling Alternatives

It happens time to time that families encounter items that do not qualify for standard curbside removal. Also, Livonia, MI residents sometimes find the need to remove large of amounts of junk or rubbish due to cleaning, moving, flooding or fire. When curbside removal is not an option, contact Chuck It Junk Removal. Chuck It is a local, affordable full-service junk removal company. This means that we handle all of the lifting and trash hauling. We work hard to make a stressful situation as simple as possible. Just point to the junk and we do the rest. Don’t worry that the items won’t be recycled. Chuck It Junk Removal shares the same view toward the environment as Livonia residents. We recycle or reuse as much of the items we remove as possible. We are courteous and prompt, often providing same day or next day service. Prices are pro-rated so you only pay for the space you need. So if a big junk pile is getting you down, let us remove your junk today!

Written by Brad Abbott