Quality and Affordable Junk Removal Services


Independently Owned & Operated

When it comes to junk removal in southeast Michigan, we understand you have many choices, but we want your choice to be clear: Chuck It Junk Removal. We are different than other junk removal services, and we’re okay with that because that’s what sets us apart from our competition!

The Formula For Our Success

At Chuck It Junk Removal we do business the way business should be done: we treat our employees fair, we treat our customers fair, and we do good, quality work. While those may seem like simple qualities, many companies fall short in one or more of those areas. That is why we strive each and every day to not only impress and please our customers but to take care of our employees as well.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a company is only as strong as its weakest employee.

We Take Care Of Our Customers

  • Licensed and insured. If anything goes wrong on the job, our customers are covered. Have peace of mind knowing we have your back.
  • Driveway protection guarantee. Rest easy knowing that your driveway will not be damaged by our dumpsters-guaranteed!
  • Clean. Not only do our drivers arrive clean trucks wearing professional uniforms, they also leave your home cleaner than it was when they started by sweeping the area after the job is done.
  • Convenient. We can often provide same-day service and even weekend service for your convenience.
  • Courteous. We know your time is valuable. That is why we promise to arrive on time and will even call before we arrive.
  • Customer service. Our customers are extremely important to us. That is why we answer when you call and respond in a respectful and polite manner….the way it should be!

We Take Care Of Our Employees

  • Workers’ compensation insurance. If one of our employees is injured on the job, we stand by them. Without good employees we couldn’t serve our customers, so we take care of them.
  • We pay up. We pay any applicable dues, taxes, and liabilities to keep our company on a strong foundation of financial stability. By being strong financially, we can provide our employees with the compensation and benefits they deserve.

We Take Care Of The Environment

  • Donate. Whenever possible, items that are salvageable are donated to local charities such as the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity to reduce what goes into our landfills.
  • Recycle. We have partnered with an international electronics recycler to handle all of our E-waste (basically anything with a cord). We also send metals, paper, and cardboard to recycling centers as well. Even tires are taken to a tire vendor and are then sent on to be recycled.

Chuck It Junk Removal was founded on principles of family values and customer service. That is what has helped us to build into the superior junk removal service in southeast Michigan today. When you treat your employees and your customers right, your business grows. We look forward to working with you on your next junk removal project. Our reviews speak for themselves. Check us out for yourself and see what makes us great!

Call Chuck It Junk Removal today for an appointment: 1-888-924-8254