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YOU DO. We all do. Illegal dumping affects a whole community and the cost to clean up comes back on everyone. Your tax dollars are allocated to clean up illegal dumping. These resources could go to school lunches, to pre-school for everyone, or back to you the tax payer.

But someone has to clean up the mess from illegal dumping, and that falls on the last group there, the local municipal government.

The Snowballing Effect

Illegal dumping can start a cascade of other dumping in that area. Once humans see that other humans have done something, we often feel it’s ok if we do the same. A pile of garbage will get added to and added to until . . . who knows.

Health Hazards of Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping becomes a petri dish of diseases, molds and fungi, and bugs like bed bugs, fleas, and of course rodents like mice and rats. Who wants to touch a pile of trash once it has been rained or snowed on?

Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

Illegal dumping is one of those things that has levels of severity. The most severe is when a company that is paid to properly dispose of something is actually dumping illegally. This happens more than you may think. To avoid contributing to this problem, when you hire a company to dispose of your junk, ask them what they do with your junk.

Junk Removal Done Right

At Chuck It Junk Removal we take pride in the proper disposal of junk. This means:

  • If an item still has life in it we keep it out of the landfill by taking it to a re-use or reclaim center like Goodwill.
  • Items that are junk will in fact get taken to the landfill and be properly disposed of.

Because we load the junk ourselves we are able to sort recyclables from the junk and make sure that what can be recycled gets to the recycling centers.