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Many kids have fears, even nightmares about the attic. What is up there? Their curious minds imagine monsters, goblins, and giant spiders. Unfortunately, many adults have similar nightmares, not out of fear of the unknown but out of fear of knowing what is up there….a lot of junk!

What’s Holding You Back From Your Attic?

Most attics are widely unused or underused because people just do not want to take the time to clean them out and make room for things they could practically store there. There are many other reasons people avoid their attics altogether:

  1. Logistics: Most attic spaces are accessible only by ladder or narrow steps and the entryway is usually a very small opening.
  2. Fear of Falling: Older individuals may be afraid of falling, and rightfully so.
  3. Weather: Another factor prohibiting attic cleaning is the weather. Generally, attics are not as comfortable as the rest of the home. In the summer, they are extremely hot and in the winter bitterly cold. This makes the unpleasant task of cleaning out the attic that much more unpleasant. There are rarely perfect conditions that will make it a comfortable environment in which to work.
  4. Confusion: Many avoid cleaning out the attic altogether because they do not know what to do with the junk they might find. Once you bring it down from the attic then you actually have to deal with it and dispose of it properly. That is just an added task that no one wants to take on.

We Can Make Your Attic Usable Space Again!

Chuck It Junk Removal can remove the work, time, and stress from attic clean-out for you. You call us, tell us what you want to be removed, and we will take care of the rest. You won’t lift a finger or climb a step, and we will take the cobwebs in the face for you. Every effort will be made to recycle or donate any of the items we remove from your attic, and the rest will be disposed of appropriately in a proper landfill. You might be surprised to see what is left: a clean, usable storage space for things you actually want to keep.

Added Space = Added Value

By cleaning out unwanted junk and garbage from your attic, you are instantly adding usable space to your home. Things you would like to keep such as your holiday decorations, kids’ toys, or family memorabilia can then be stored in the clean attic space we can create together. That frees up your closets and bookshelves for more important things and leaves your home ultimately a less cluttered and more peaceful environment.

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