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The beautiful township of Fenton is a charter township of Genesee County, Michigan. About 20 percent of the township is covered by water so that makes room for a well-rounded list of activities for its local residents.

The Junk Removal Service Of Fenton Township

Chuck It Junk Removal is Fenton Township’s dependable junk removal service of the highest professional standard. Chuck It continuously reduces what goes into landfills by reusing what is salvageable and recycling as much of the junk as possible.

Chuck It Junk Removal helps keep the beautiful town of Fenton clean and tidy by helping its local home and business owners with their unwanted junk. In addition to full-service junk removal, we also offer portable dumpster rental for those who’d like to pitch their own junk. We’ll drop off the dumpster in a convenient location for you to use at your home, business, or wherever you may need it! Simply call and Chuck It hauls it all.

Give Chuck It Junk Removal a call today to help you get started on a cleaner home. We will provide you with a free estimate for the removal. 1-888-9-CHUCK IT (924-8254)