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  • Bychuck it
  • August 3, 2016

What Do You Do With Your Used Garden Materials?!

What Do You Do With Your Used Garden Materials?!

Garden MaterialsMoving and don’t want to take your garden materials with you? Perhaps you’re upgrading your gardening tools? Terracycle is an organization that recycles materials that are typically not recycled by a local government.




Recycling The Materials The City Won’t Take

They accept a large range of garden products, including ornaments and planter pots to empty garden packaging including lawn decorations, solar bells, sprinklers, weeders, planters and pots (either plastic, ceramic, terracotta) and garden product packaging like soil bags, stone bags, mulch bags, seed bags, or sand bags.


How Does Terracycle Work?

  1. Sign up to start a garden material recycling brigade with Terracycle.
  2. Start a brigade that’ll collect garden materials, such as, plastic and fiber pots, seeds, stones, bird feeder, fences, and more.
  3. Download a shipping label from your TerraCycle account after you have collected so many of them.
  4. Send them in!


It’s Up To Us To Recycle.

There really is no excuse not to cut back on your plastic consumption.  Pick one at a time or pick them all and start making a difference in the way we live in this world.  At Chuck It Junk Removal we do our part each and every day to leave the world a better place.  Join us in the fight!

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